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How to Clean Aged Vinyl Floor

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We were pleasantly surprised to received an email completed with pictures from a satisfied customer, Mr Tan Tai Seng. We thought it is so good, that we want to share with our readers, so we contact him and get his permission to share his story on our blog. The email was reproduced below, and only simple typesetting was done.


 Email received on 22 Oct 2014

 We’ve been in our home for close to 11 years. We bought the house new, from HDB, and didn’t have the budget for expensive flooring in the kitchen, like wood or marble tiles. So the best we could do was to get vinyl. I really liked the checkerboard floor design in the beginning, especially the black and white pattern that reminds me of my favourite game of chess. My wife and I met in a chess competition in Singapore, but I digress.

However, I was sad to note that over the years it got harder and harder to keep it clean. Yes, I do the vacuuming, mopping, cooking and washing dishes at home, while my wife does the laundry and ironing of clothes. We agreed to share the housework equally. I was saddened to note that the dirt was really ground into the vinyl tiles, and no matter how hard I scrubbed, there is a layer of stubborn grease and dirt that stick to the top of the vinyl, and won’t go away. I have to say, I vacuumed and mopped the floor every week, but this does not help.

I thought I need to re-tile the floors. The quote for re-tiling was a staggering $11,000. Also, my family and I needs a place to stay while the renovation was in progress.

Cleaning Secret:

So I explained my problem to my colleagues at work, and ask if anyone of them could rent us a room for two weeks while our home was undergoing refitting. One of my colleagues told me about something that she used on her vinyl floors and she swore how effective it was. She even offered to buy one bottle for me to try. With nothing to lose, I tried it out on the tile above and was surprised at how easily it removed the grease and dirt!

Want to know what it is? Here’s the secret! It’s PVC Floor Cleaner!! You know, what is the irony? The joke is that the cleaner cover has the same checkerbox design on it as my home!

How we clean our floor

How astonishing is that?!! Anyway, back to the floor – all we did was to

1. Add the about 200ml of the PVC Floor Cleaner onto a pail of water.

2. Then we wipe up the floor using the solution and let the situation sit for a while.

3.  Then finish with scrubbing brush and remove dissolved dirt.

4. Wash off with clean water.

To our astonishment and delight, the piled-on dirt come out quickly and effectively!

The Result?

Veni, Vidi, Vici! It’s like a brand new floor again! We actually did this a few months ago and it still looks great. Therefore, you wouldn’t have to do this every time you mop, only every now and again if you see a build-up of dirt.

Words can’t describe how happy I am with my floor now! I thought I need to replace the floor and find somewhere to stay temporary while the renovators are replacing the tiles, but now I need not pay for these expenses. Yay!

Thank you for this superior product.


Tan Tai Seng