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How to Clean and Maintain Jura Marble like a Pro

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Jura Marble is a limestone quarried in the Bavarian national park, Altmuehltal in Germany. The stone is quarried in 25 layers providing a wide variety of colours and textures. Jura marble is technically a limestone and not marble, although it looks similar to marble surfaces.

Because Jura marble is very a sensitive tile, using the wrong cleaning chemicals may make the surface dull, look scratched all over, and possibly fade in colour. In extreme cases, using the wrong cleaning products may corrode the tile. As a general rule, acidic based cleaning agents are a no-no for Jura Marble.

This article will guide you to cleaning and maintaining your Jura Marble so that it will be in optimal condition and last longer.

Products you will need:


Marble and Stone Neutral Cleaner

$21.80$88.40 $18.80$75.20

Marble and Stone Neutral Cleaner cleans and cares in one single step. Marble and Stone Neutral Cleaner removes dirt and contamination when wiping. Marble and Stone Neutral Cleaner also refreshes the colours and forms a dirt-repellent film. Contains no wax and doesn’t make the floor slippery. Pleasant fresh scent. For glazed and unglazed floor tiles

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Marble Polish

$29.90 $23.80

Marble Polish gives dull, matt coatings a fresh coat and protects even new coatings against watery stains and dirt. Regular application of Marble Polish reduces the signs of wear and tear and the formation of skid marks. Marble Polish is easy to polish and generates a brilliant shine. Evens out slight scratches. For all polished or finely ground natural stones.

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Granite and Marble Impregnation

$60.00 $48.00

Granite and Marble Impregnation is limescale and water repellent, and reduces the penetration of dirt, moisture, paint, oil and grease. Stain-forming liquids can be wiped off before they penetrate the surface. Facilitates cleaning. Granite & Marble Impregnation may be used for all absorbent natural and artificial stones. Granite and Marble Impregnation may be used for sealing grouting.

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How to clean your Jura Marble Floor

We recommend the use  Marble and Stone Neutral Cleaner. 

Marble and Stone Neutral Cleaner cleans and cares in one step. As a neutral cleaner, it is neither acidic nor alkaline, and is perfectly for daily cleaning and maintenance of sensitive materials like Jura marble.

Marble and Stone Neutral Cleaner does not harm the surface or gloss of marble. Regular cleaning using this product helps to refresh the colour Jura marble. Marble and Stone neutral cleaner contains no wax and does not make floors slippery.

1. First vacuum the floor to remove loose dirt.
2. Put 25 ml of Marble and Stone Neutral Cleaner into one bucket (5l) of warm water and mix well.
3. Mop the floor.
4. Rinse the mop frequently in a separate bucket of clean water.
5. Do not rinse the surface, but leave to dry naturally.

How to Polish your Jura Marble

 To polish your Jura Marble, we recommends the use of Marble Polish.

Marble Polish gives matte and dull coverings a fresh appearance and also protects new coverings against watery stains and dirt. Regular application of Marble Polish diminishes the signs of use and run marks. Marble Polish makes it easy to polish and creates a brilliant gloss. In addition, slight scratches are evened out.

1. Shake the Marble Polish well before use.
2. Spray thinly and evenly onto the surface, distribute with a clean cloth or sponge.
3. Subsequently polish with a dry, soft cloth.
4. In case of strongly absorbent materials, repeat the procedure.
5. Thorough polishing increases the degree of gloss.

How to Maintain and keep your Jura Marble in good condition

 To maintain your Jura Marble, we recommends using Granite and Marble Impregnation once a year or so.

Granite and Marble Impregnation is a ready-to-use special impregnation that protects against oil, grease and water marks. It also helps to block dirt, moisture, paint, oil and grease, and makes cleaning easier. In the event of a spill, any staining liquids can be wiped off easily before they penetrate the surface. Finally, it protects grout against water and oil-based marks.

1. Ensure that the base is clean, dry and absorbent before the treatment.
2. Apply the undiluted product liberally, in an even layer – according to how absorbent the base is – using a soft brush or plastic roller.
3. A second application will make it more effective, but only apply as much as the base can absorb.
4. Let it sit for about 1 hour, then use a dry, absorbent cloth to wipe away any impregnation that did not soak in. Do not leave any streaks.
5. The drying time is 3 to 4 hours; do not step on the treated surface during this time.
6. The impregnation will take full effect after 24 hours

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