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How to Clean Balconies and Terraces like a Pro

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The range of cleaning supplies on your balconies and terraces are determined by the type  of flooring that your balcony and terraces uses.

In most Singaporean style home, the balconies are tiled. For private home owners, the terrace is usually made of stone or tiles.

As well, both the balconies and terraces are exposed to strong sunlight and damp conditions (In Singapore, if it is not too hot, it is raining), creating ideal conditions for grow of algae.

Hence, to clean your balconies and terraces, we recommend the use of

1. Algae and Moss remover,
2. Tile and Stone Cleaner, Acidic (for acidic resistant surfaces such as ceramic tiles, homogeneous tiles etc.. Not suitable for Marble or porous stones)

Products you need to clean your balconies and terraces



Algae and Moss Remover

$22.00 $17.00

Algae & Moss Remover is a self acting concentrate that removes algae, mosses and green layers and protects against re-infestation. Algae & Moss Remover may be used in all exterior surfaces of stone, wood, glass, concrete and ceramics. Algae & Moss Remover may also be used for patios, driveways, house facades, pavements, roofs, fences, roof tiles and roofing felt, paving stone, clinker bricks and flag stones, terracotta, etc.




Tile and Stone Basic Cleaner Acidic 

$20.90 $18.60

Tile & Stone Basic Cleaner Acidic is a powerful basic cleaner concentrate for the thorough and gentle removal of stubborn dirt, limescale, urine stone and mineral deposits, slight cement residues and rust from acid-resistant surfaces. For tiles, split tiles, ceramic floor panels, porcelain stoneware and acid-resistant natural stone. For interior and exterior use. Ideal as patio cleaner.



How to clean your balconies and terraces

Step 1: Remove algae and moss

We recommends the use of Algae and Moss Remover. This product allows self-active removal of algae, green patina and green deposits and protects against recurrence.

1. Ensure that the surface to be treated must be dry – algae grows very quickly when expose to water.
2. Use Algae and Moss Remover diluted with water up to 1:20 according to the amount of green patina.
3. Wet the surface well and evenly with the diluted solution.
4. Do not rinse and allow to work-in for a minimum 24 hours.
5. Residues should disappear without further treatment of the surface.
6. In case of stubborn staining, use a stiff brush or scrubbing tool, or allow to work-in for longer.
7. If necessary, repeat the application.
8. Clean working tools with water after use.

 Step 2: Clean the tiles on balconies

1. First sweep the floor to remove loose dirt.
2. Put 25 ml of Porcelain Stoneware Cleaner into one bucket (5 L) of warm water and mix well.
3. Mop the floor using the mixture.
4. Rinse the mop frequently in a separate bucket of clean water.
5. Do not rinse the surface, but leave to dry naturally

Need some help?

Hi-Glitz provide cleaning services for homes and offices within Singapore.

The picture to the left shows the work done after cleaning the tiles in Singapore Bible College in Adam Road, Singapore. The Tiles are practically gleaming and reflect light. The grout, which was totally black with encrusted dirt, is now white again.

If you would like to engage our services, please do not hesitate to contact us for a no-obligation quote.

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