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How to Clean Burnt On Food on Frying Pans and Pots

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As any person who cooks at home will cheerfully tell you, cooking is a pleasure. The problem is cleaning up after that. And among those who hate cleaning, cleaning pots and frying pans ranked among the things they dread to clean the most.

Why? Because of burnt on food. Burnt on food on pots and pans are unpleasant to clean. They leave a black colour soot on the pans and are notoriously difficult to remove. Also, the fact that the pans are often thick with grease does not help. Scrubbing on the pans often leaves scratch marks and may corrode the non-stick layer on non-stick pans.

Some people use detergent, and stroke the pan overnight with water, in hopes that the burnt on food will be easier to remove. Most of the time, they are disappointed. Can you see the burnt on soot in the steak dinner above?

Things you need to clean burnt on food on your pots, baking trays, ovens, and frying pans.

Oven, Grill and BBQ Cleaner

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Oven, Grill and BBQ Cleaner quickly and reliably removes even stubborn and burnt-on remains, grease and residues from frying and oily stains. Oven, Grill and BBQ Cleaner also works powerfully on vertical surfaces thanks to its gel structure. Oven, Grill and BBQ Cleaner may be used for all ovens, fan assisted ovens, fitted ovens, baking sheets, oven-proof dishes, pans, pots, grills and viewing panels.

How to clean burnt on food on your pots, baking trays, ovens, and frying pans? 

 1. Ensure that your cooking ware are not hot before you start cleaning!

 2. Spray either the Kitchen Degreaser or Oven, Grill & BBQ Cleaner  evenly onto the dirty surface and allow to react for 3 – 5 minutes according to the degree of contamination.

 3. Remove the residues with a sponge, cloth or paper towel.

 4. Wipe over again with clear water and rub dry with a clean cloth.

 5. Repeat the process in case of stubborn residues or increase the working-in time.

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