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How to Clean Mirrors like a Pro

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Mirrors are a common feature in most bathroom, and some bedrooms.

While cleaning mirror is relatively easy, don’t you sometimes wishes that the mirrors does not get misty nor cloudy from steam from your hot bath?

This article guide you on the best products to use to clean mirrors so that you will have an anti-condensation effect (i.e. less likely to be misty nor cloudy from steam).


Products you need

Glass and Mirror Spray Cleaner

$15.00 $9.80

A spray cleaner for glass and mirrors which gives a streak-free and smear-free sparkling clean finish. Glass and Mirror Spray Cleaner has high degreasing and de-soiling power. dries quickly and prevents rapid re-soiling with its anti-soiling effect. Glass and Mirror Spray Cleaner is best suited for quick and easy cleaning of glass, frames, car windscreen and windows and glass table top without leaving any stripe-marks behind!


We recommend the use of Glass and Mirror Spray Cleaner. Glass and Mirror Spray Cleaner dissolves grease and dirt easily. Glass and Mirror Spray Cleaner also removes stubborn dirt such a grease film, oils, nicotine deposits emissions and insect dirt. In addition, Glass and Mirror Spray Cleaner produces anti-condensation effect on glass and mirrors.

How to clean your mirror like a Pro

1. First wipe the mirror with a cloth to get rid of heavy dirt.
2. Then simply spray Glass and Mirror Spray Cleaner on the surface and polish off with a chamois or a squeegee.

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