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How to Clean Oil Stain from your Garage and Driveway

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Oil Stain Remover

$32.00 $24.00

Oil Stain Remover dissolves and removes oil stains, oil grime, greasy and oil-like contaminations, also of mineral or synthetic origin. Gel-like consistency ensures long adhesion and effect of the active ingredients. Thus also for deep and old oil stains. For all absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces. For garages, driveways, roads, workshops, motor vehicles, etc.


We recommends the use of Oil Stain Remover. Oil Stain Remover dissolves and removes oil stains, oil contamination, greasy and oily contamination, also of a mineral or synthetic based origin. Gel-like consistency ensures long-lasting adhesion to surfaces and long working-in times of the active substances

How to clean the oil stain from your garage and driveway.

1. Ensure that the surface to be treated is dry.
2. Apply a generous layer of the oil stain remover to the contaminated surface and distribute with a brush or broom into the stain.
3. Allow the Oil Stain Remover to work-in for several hours according to the level of contamination (best over night). A light layer of powder should form.
4. Clean away the layer of powder.
5. Repeat the process in the case of older and already resinous or deep-seated marks in the substrate.