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How to Clean Windows like a Pro

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Windows are the most overlooked place for cleaning. Most people vacuum and mop the floor regularly, but how many people clean windows regularly?

Method 1: Spray and clean

 Products you need:

Glass and Mirror Spray Cleaner

$15.00 $9.80

A spray cleaner for glass and mirrors which gives a streak-free and smear-free sparkling clean finish. Glass and Mirror Spray Cleaner has high degreasing and de-soiling power. dries quickly and prevents rapid re-soiling with its anti-soiling effect.

Cleaning your windows

This method is easier for most people, and it is very convenient if you use the Glass & Mirror Spray Cleaner.

 1. First wipe glass to clear heavy dirt.

 2. Spray on glass surface and polish off with a squeegee.

Method 2: Clean and Maintain Streak Free Finishes 

What you need

Professional Glass Cleaner

$19.00 $15.80

Professional Glass Cleaner is a concentrate for streak-free and smear-free cleaning with high degreasing and de-soiling power. Dries quickly. Professional Glass Cleaner prevents rapid re-soiling with its anti-soiling effect. For cleaning glass, frames and car windows. Creates an anti-misting effect on mirrors and lenses. Also suitable for conservatories.

How to Clean your Car Windows

We recommend the use of Professional Glass Cleaner for your car windows.

Professional Glass Cleaner allows streak-free cleaning with the high capacity of dissolving grease and dirt. It also removes stubborn dirt, such as grease film, skin oils, emissions, nicotine deposits and fly dirt. As well, it prevents quick re-soiling due to anti-soiling effect. Finally, the Professional Glass Cleaner produces an anti-condensation effect on mirrors and spectacles.

1. Add 100 mL of Professional Glass Cleaner to a bucket of warm water.

2. Wash surface off with cloths, sponge or window wiper.

3. Then polish with a dry cloth or shammy.

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We offers professional cleaner for your home, including window cleaning and exterior facade cleaning (including the outside of your windows).

 Our rate varies depending on the area required.

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