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How to Clean your Extractor Hood (Cooker Hood)

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Items you will need:


Kitchen Degreaser

$15.80 $13.80

Kitchen Degreaser easily removes all types of household grease, including grease films, greasy deposits, burnt-on stains and even stubborn encrusted dirt. Kitchen Degreaser has a powerful immediate effect, for hygienic and food-safe cleaning.Top degreasing power.


We recommend using Kitchen Degreaser for cleaning your extractor hood. Kitchen Degreaser removes all types of grease in the household. Easily removes grease films and greasy deposits. Burnt-on and even stubborn encrustations are dissolved. With intensive immediate action, cleans hygienically and safely around foods.

Steps to Clean your Extractor Hood

1. Ensure that your extractor hood is switched off and is not hot.
2. Remove your extractor hood filter. Usually, when you purchase the extractor hood, there will be instructions on how to do this. Alternatively, you may want to check up the information online from the manufacturer website.
3. Spray the exterior and interior of the extractor hood with Kitchen Degreaser, and wipe it down to give it a clean cloth or soft sponge.
4. Check if your extractor hood uses carbon or paper filters. This means that you may purchase a new filter from your local supermarket and toss the dirty carbon or paper filters away. You may need to cut the paper filter down to size.
5. If your extractor hood uses a metal filter, you need to clean it using Kitchen Degreaser and warm water. A rub down with an old toothbrush is recommended to remove the grease.
6. Reassemble the filter hood. 

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