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How to Clean your Fridge

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Fridge Hygiene Cleaner

$16.00 $13.20

Fridge Hygiene Cleaner cleans and disinfects. Fridge Hygiene Cleaner also removes food residues, dirt, grease deposits and signs of wear. In addition, Fridge Hygiene Cleaner prevents foodstuffs from perishing and ensures hygienic cleanliness. Fridge Hygiene Cleaner may be used for all refrigerators and freezers. Also for microwave ovens and other areas which come into contact with foodstuffs.

To clean your refrigerator / fridge / freezer 

We recommend the use of Fridge Hygiene Cleaner. Fridge Hygiene Cleaner removes food residue, dirt, grease deposits and traces of wear. Fridge Hygiene Cleaner also keeps foods from spoiling and provides a hygienic level of cleanliness.

1. Open the fridge door.
2. Take out all the food from the fridge.
3. If there are removable compartments, take them out and clean them separately. For most of these compartments, usually warm water and Fridge Hygiene Cleaner should keep them clean.
4. For the insides of the fridge, spray the Fridge Hygiene Cleaner, and wipe it with a soft sponge or cloth.
5. Put all the removable compartments back.
6. Put all the food back neatly.
7. Close the fridge door.

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