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How to Clean your Marble Table

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Marble Tabletops are getting increasingly popular in Singapore over the years, despite it being more expensive than glass or wooden tabletop.

This article explains how to clean your marble tabletops and how to maintain it.

Products you will need




Marble Polish

$29.90 $23.80

Marble Polish gives dull, matt coatings a fresh coat and protects even new coatings against watery stains and dirt. Regular application of Marble Polish reduces the signs of wear and tear and the formation of skid marks. Marble Polish is easy to polish and generates a brilliant shine. Evens out slight scratches. For all polished or finely ground natural stones.



Marble and Stone Wash and Shine

$25.90$115.50 $22.90$98.60

Marble and Stone Wash and Shine is a concentrate for regular everyday care. With regular use of Marble and Stone Wash and Shine, the penetration of dirt into the surface is reduced, and the appearance of the coating is improved. The surface is more beautiful, the colour and structure enhanced. Shines without polishing. For all marble and stone surfaces. For flooring, window sills, wall coverings and kitchen worktops.


We recommend the use of Marble and Stone Wash and Shine. Marble and Stone Wash and Shine cleans and cares in one step. For daily cleaning and maintenance. Marble and Stone Wash and Shine does not harm the surface or gloss. Special use on surfaces that were crystallized or treated with sealers, polishes or waxes. Marble and Stone Wash and Shine refreshes colour by regularly cleaning.

How to clean your Marble Countertop

1. Put 25 ml of Marble and Stone Wash and Shine into one bucket (5l) of warm water and mix well.
2. Using a cloth, wipe the countertop with the mixture.
3. Rinse the cloth frequently in a separate bucket of clean water.
4. Do not rinse the surface, but leave to dry naturally.

How to Polish your Marble Table

To polish your Marble Table, we recommends the use of Marble Polish.

Marble Polish gives matte and dull coverings a fresh appearance and also protects new coverings against watery stains and dirt. Regular application of Marble Polish diminishes the signs of use and run marks. Marble Polish makes it easy to polish and creates a brilliant gloss. In addition, slight scratches are evened out.

1. Shake the Marble Polish well before use.
2. Spray thinly and evenly onto the surface, distribute with a clean cloth or sponge.
3. Subsequently polish with a dry, soft cloth.
4. In case of strongly absorbent materials, repeat the procedure.
5. Thorough polishing increases the degree of gloss.