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How to Clean your Microwave Oven like a Pro

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Microwave ovens are very convenient. They can be used to defrost food, cook food and even tell you how long you need to wait until the food is ready.

The thing is, when microwaving food with natural oils, it does have a bad habit of “popping” oil all over your oven, leaving a greasy mess. Cooking sauces are a messy affair as well. And well, if you cook eggs in the microwave, you are going to cry when you see the exploded eggs.

However, finding the right cleaning chemical to clean microwave ovens can be difficult. You would not want to use common household detergent and risk having these detergent in your food do you?

Products you will need


Oven, Grill and BBQ Cleaner

$18.20 $16.20

Oven, Grill and BBQ Cleaner quickly and reliably removes even stubborn and burnt-on remains, grease and residues from frying and oily stains. Oven, Grill and BBQ Cleaner also works powerfully on vertical surfaces thanks to its gel structure. Oven, Grill and BBQ Cleaner may be used for all ovens, fan assisted ovens, fitted ovens, baking sheets, oven-proof dishes, pans, pots, grills and viewing panels.


We recommends the use of Oven Grill & BBQ Cleaner. Oven, Grill & BBQ Cleaner quickly and reliably dissolves stubborn encrustations and grease, burnt / baked-on fat and other residues, oily contamination.

How to clean your microwave oven like a pro.

 1. Spray Oven, Grill & BBQ Cleaner evenly onto the dirty surface and allow to react for 3 – 5 minutes according to the degree of contamination.
2. Remove the residues with a sponge, cloth or paper towel.
3. Wipe over again with clear water and rub dry with a clean cloth.
4, Repeat the process in case of stubborn residues or increase the working-in time.

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