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How to Clean your Terracotta Roof

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If you are having algae infested roof tiles like in most of the roofs in Singapore cleaning may be difficult.

This article guide you on how you may clean your terracotta roof

Products you need:

Algae and Moss Remover

$22.00 $17.80

Algae & Moss Remover is a self acting concentrate that removes algae, mosses and green layers and protects against re-infestation. Algae & Moss Remover may be used in all exterior surfaces of stone, wood, glass, concrete and ceramics. Algae & Moss Remover may also be used for patios, driveways, house facades, pavements, roofs, fences, roof tiles and roofing felt, paving stone, clinker bricks and flag stones, terracotta, etc.

Tile and Stone Basic Cleaner Alkaline

$22.00 $16.80

Tile and Stone Basic Cleaner Alkaline is a powerful basic cleaner concentrate for the gentle removal of old floor care product residues, stubborn dirt, crusted on grease and yellowed patches. Tile and Stone Basic Cleaner Alkaline may be used for all interior and exterior alkali-resistant surfaces. For tiles, ceramic floor panels, porcelain and natural stones. Also for plastic, PVC and rubber coatings. Ideal for basic cleaning before applying protection and care products.

To clean your terracotta roof, we recommend 2 cleaning agent:

1. Algae and Moss Remover –  Algae & Moss Remover permits self-active removal of algae, green patina and green deposits and protects against recurrence. If your roof has green colour to black colour residue after moonstone season, it is very likely that your roof has algae and moss growing on them.
2. Tile & Stone Basic Cleaner, Alkaline – Tile & Stone Basic Cleaner Alkaline facilities thorough, powerful and gentle removal of old floor care residues, polish films, wax and self-gloss layers, stubborn dirt, fat encrustations, yellowing and nicotine deposits. Soiling can be easily washed off with water.

 Safety First:

 Make sure you are wearing slip resistant shoes and safety harness. The roof tiles are slippery, especially when wet.

 Make sure that your ladder is stable before climbing up the ladder.

 It helps if you have someone at the foot of the ladder passing you items as needed.

 How to Clean your Terracotta Roof:

1. Dilute Tile & Stone Basic Cleaner Alkaline  up to 1:10 and pour it into the cleaning agent tank.
2. Adjust dosing controller to Minimum or Level I.
3. Spray the pressure washer over the roof and allow Tile & Stone Basic Cleaner Alkaline to work in briefly.
4. Dilute Algae & Moss Remover with water up to 1:20 and pour it into the cleaning agent tank.
5. Spray the pressure washer over the roof and allow the roof to dry naturally.

6. Leave it for 36 hours, for quicker cleaning use high pressure washing. Alternatively you may leave the roof to be clean naturally by rain.

Need Help?

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