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How to Clear Rust from your Gardening Tools and Garden Furniture

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Materials you need:



Rust Stain Remover

$45.00 $38.00

Rust Stain Remover independently removes rust and other metal oxide residues with a deep penetrating effect from all natural and artificial stones, tiles and ceramic surfaces. Is not corrosive and eliminates rust caused by iron-containing fertilizer, garden furniture and metal tools, dripping taps, heating leaks, metal fences, etc. For interior and exterior use. Acid free.


We recommend the use of Rust Stain Remover. Rust Stain Remover removes rust spots and other metal oxide residues by itself with a deep penetrating effect. 

How to clear the Rust:

1. Apply a thorough and uniform spray coating using Rust Stain Remover on the surface to be cleaned.
2. A violet coloration and typical odour signalise the onset of action. Allow to work in for 5 – 10 minutes.
3. Afterwards work in with a sponge, brush or scrubber and plenty of water and rinse with lots of water.
4. In case of older and stubborn rust spots, repeat the procedure until the rust stain has been completely removed.
5. Ensure good ventilation when using in closed rooms.
6. Rinse the spray pistol well with water after use.

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