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How to Get Rid of Algae from Your Property

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Algae is a tiny plant form. It has no roots nor leaves. As a result, it can grow on almost any surface. Algae thrives in places that are damp and have strong sunlight. Therefore, the external facade of buildings, roads, and walls are perfect habitats for algae to spread in ideal conditions.
In sunny and damp Singapore, algae is common problem in most homes. Algae are usually characterised as green to blackish marks on walls, roofs, and external facade of buildings, and external pipes.

Tools you will need: 

Algae and Moss Remover

$22.00 $17.00

Algae & Moss Remover is a self acting concentrate that removes algae, mosses and green layers and protects against re-infestation. Algae & Moss Remover may be used in all exterior surfaces of stone, wood, glass, concrete and ceramics. Algae & Moss Remover may also be used for patios, driveways, house facades, pavements, roofs, fences, roof tiles and roofing felt, paving stone, clinker bricks and flag stones, terracotta, etc.




How to get rid of Algae: 

We recommend the use of Algae and Moss Remover. This product allows self-active removal of algae, green patina and green deposits and protects against recurrence.

1. Ensure that the surface to be treated must be dry – algae grows very quickly when expose to water.

2. Use Algae and Moss Remover diluted with water up to 1:20 according to the amount of green patina.

3. Wet the surface well and evenly with the diluted solution.

4. Do not rinse and allow to work-in for a minimum 24 hours.

5. Residues should disappear without further treatment of the surface.

6. In case of stubborn staining, use a stiff brush or scrubbing tool, or allow to work-in for longer.

7. If necessary, repeat the application.

8. Clean working tools with water after use.

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 We provide specialised services to get rid of algae and moss as well as mould from your home / workplace at very competitive rate.

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