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Stain Removal Service, Singapore

We remove stains from walls, floors and carpets with ease


We offer special stain removal for walls and floors, and cater to all kind of stains, be it from graffiti, stickers and tape marks, or due to wear and tear.

Often, after many years, tiles get stained and look worn out. For many home owners, their only option is to replace the tiles, as the tiles are deemed old and very filthy. Replacement of the tiles are very expensive process.

We remove the stains from your tiles and leave it looking like new. Give us a try as we remove the stains and restore your wall and floors tiles into pristine condition. You will be delight at the differences we can make.

Example of old tiles being damaged due to wear and tear

Stained marble tiles


A standard stain removal services include cleaning the stains and removal of stains.

However, at Hi-Glitz, we go one step further. We examine the underlying causes of the stain, and recommends steps to take to avoid leaving stains the surface again. When our recommendations are accepted, we coat the tiles with a protective layer that leaves it more resistant to future stains, and make it easier to clean stains on the tiles.

The end result is a sparkling floor that is almost new and are much easier to clean, without the need for replacement of tiles.

Testimonial from Homeowner

My HDB home, which I have been living in for 11 years, had old tiles that were looking worn out and dirty no manner how hard I cleaned. 

A friend recommended Hi-Glitz Services to me. To my surprise, my home looks almost brand new after cleaning. 

We actually used the their services a few months ago and it still looks great. Therefore, you only need to mop every now and then if you see a build up of dirt. 

Words can’t describe how happy I am with my floor now! I thought I need to replace the floor and find somewhere to stay temporary while the renovators are replacing the tiles, but now I need not pay for these expenses. Yay!

Wilson Tan
Satisfied Homeowner

Our Value Offering

Right products: We use superior high-quality cleaning products and shampoos that are directly imported from Europe to clean your carpet.

Right Tools: These, combined with our specialised carpet shampoo cleaning machines or steam cleaning machines, make sure that every spot on your carpet is thoroughtly clean.

Right Man: Our experts have more than 15 years of experience in carpet cleaning in Singapore, and when other professional cleaners have difficulties in cleaning carpets, they approach us for our advice.

Right Process: We understand that no two carpets are ever alike in their cleaning needs. Therefore, our experts will examine the carpet and recommend a customised service to restore your carpet into pristine condition.

Right Price: Our services are competitive priced.

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