HG Patio Cleaner


HG patio cleaner is a highly concentrated cleaner that has been specially designed for the cleaning of dirty and stained concrete, paving slabs and gravel.


On concrete, paving slabs and gravel.

Direction of use:

Step 1: Wet the patio with water and brush away puddles.

Step 2: Dilute the contents of the bottle with 4 litres of water (1:4).

Step 3: With a scrubbing brush, apply the solution and scrub the area.

Step 4: Allow a few minutes for the product to work and rinse the surface thoroughly with water.

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HG parquet gloss finish protective coating is an easy to apply liquid polymer emulsion. This parquet floor polish emulsion forms a wafer-thin glossy yet extremely protective coating for your parquet when it dries. The perfect base for parquet maintenance.


  • Protects the coating against wear and tear, scratches and other damages
  • Gives shine
  • Extremely simple to apply


On varnished parquet.

Direction of use:

Do not stir or shake the bottle before use. In case of new varnish, wait for at least 7 days before applying HG “parquet p.e. polish”. Prior to application the floor surface should be thoroughly cleaned with HG “parquet p.e. polish remover”. After cleaning allow the floor to dry. Apply HG “parquet p.e. polish” neat using a clean, non-fluffy cloth wrapped around a wiper. Put a little of the solution on the cloth as well as a few drops on the floor and spread evenly and thinly in one direction. Do not rub or buff. After approx. 3/4 hours the solution is dry for even more gloss and protection apply
a second coat. After approximately 3 days the HG “parquet p.e. polish” is waterresistant. As soon as dull patches appear, apply a new layer of HG “parquet p.e. polish”. After 5 to 6 layers of HG “parquet p.e. polish” strip the floor with HG “parquet p.e. polish remover”. For regular maintenance use HG “p.e. polish cleaner”.


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