WEPOS Chandelier Spray Cleaner


Wepos Chandelier Spray Cleaner gently removes dirt and grime while protecting the surface of glass chandeliers. Regular use prevents a severe build-up of dirt which is easier to remove. Leaves a shining and gleaming finish

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Hi-Glitz the only such store known to offer such a wide and comprehensive range of d-i-y easy to use and safe products to meet your cleaning needs.  The unique products available are imported from Germany and are of a very high quality.  These are customised and designed for cleaning, restoring, beautifying and protection for specific materials

Application of use for Wepos Chandelier Spray Cleaner: 

Wepos Chandelier Spray Cleaner may be used for cleaning glass, windshield, glass doors and windows, shower doors, glass tables, showcases and mirrors.

Direction for use for Chandelier Spray Cleaner:

  1. First clean glass of heavy dirt.
  2. Spray Chandelier Spray Cleaner on chandelier surface and polish off with a chamois or squeegee.

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