WEPOS Cement residue remover For Marble


Highly effective concentrate. Cement Residue Remover quickly and easily removes cement residue, mortar residue, lime deposits, efflorescence and inorganic contamination.

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Concentrate. Gently and effectively removes cement residue,cement remains , grout residues, lime deposits and soiling from surfaces sensitive to acids. For mild cleaning of sensitive coatings. For wall and floor space indoors and out..

Effect of Cement Residue Remover:

Cement Residue Remover quickly and smoothly removes cement films, mortar residues, lime deposits, efflorescence an inorganic contamination.


Cement Residue Remover may be used for all acid-sensitive surfaces such as ceramic wall and floor tiles, clinker slabs, coarse ceramics, fine stoneware, brick, clay and terracotta coverings, slate, quartzite, exposed aggregate concrete and lime free natural stone such as granite.

Direction of use:

Apply Cement Residue Remover according to the amount of cement film straight from the container or up to 1:10 diluted to the pre-wetted surface and distribute with a scrubbing brush or sponge. Allow to work in for a short period, but avoid drying on. Scrub off the loosened residues with a scrubbing brush and take up with a sponge, suction device or wiping cloth. Rinse off with lots of water.


Always test the surface before use for tolerability. Pre-wet the surface before treatment, especially the grouting. Adjacent surfaces should be protected and wash off any splashes immediately. Avoid touching with metals, enamels or chrome-plated objects.


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